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  • Are any of the lights on your gauge cluster on? Come on in and get a diagnostics check.
  • Engine barely cranking or it just won't start? We'll take care of that for you by inspecting the battery, ignition, starter, switches, or any other potential causes.
  • Let us check your battery to make sure your cars electrical components are receiving the proper amount of voltage needed.
  • Are any of your lights out? Police officers can pull you over & issue repair orders for burnt out headlights, tail lights, turn signals & tag lights. We can fix that for you and sign off the corrections on your repair order by our Master Certified Technician, so you won't have to visit the police department.
  • Are your wheels making a lot of noise when you press on the brake pedal? There are alot of underlying causes to noisy braking from worn out brake pads, dirty brakes, rough rotors, etc. Let us take care of that annoying brake squeal!
  • Are your brakes shaking or vibrating when you press on the brake pedal? This could indicate you need to get your rotors resurfaced or it's time for some new rotors, among other solutions depending on the diagnosis.
  • Please make sure to get your brake lines & fluid level checked every so often! Faulty brake lines & leaks can lead to brake failure, which could end disatrously! Let's avoid any disasters & get those brakes in for service!
  • Do you hear any tapping or clicking noises coming from under the hood? Oh no! This could indicate low oil levels or irregular oil pressure. You should NOT drive with low oil levels or pressure as this can cause the engine to seize. We can figure out the problem for you & look over all options.

  • Is your engine overheating or running to hot? Your car might have low coolant level, a leak, a defective radiator, or a number of other issues. We have the experience, tools, and skills to taking on any engine repair job.

  • Do you feel your clutch slipping or pedal feels too soft when pressed on? There are a lot of factors to look into before replacing the entire clutch system. We need to figure out if it's actual wear & tear that's causing the clutch to slip or if it's another issue in the vehicle, we can figure it out. Leave the dirty work to us.

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